the power of love

the power of love and connection. with self, with creatures, with nature, with other humans. experiencing the feeling of being accepted for exactly who you are. how you are. why you are. being able to give yourself that love, that feeling, that acceptance is so very important. it also feels so wonderful when you have…More

What is the Urban Ecovillage, really?

Is the urban ecovillage a network of people, or mycelium? Do the locations around Tennessee, and the world, cultivate communities of mycelium through preserving forests, building soil and earth matter through composting? Returning as many of earth’s natural resources directly to the ground, feeding the mycelium and supporting communities? Does the urban ecovillage create new…More

Researching to Healing my Abandonment Wounds

educating myself. thanks youtube and google 🙂 Reading this: answering these: Watching these: this lecture is awesome. 1 hour. My notes: 2/22/2021: from the lecture video: energizer bunny, who doesn’t take a break. if over stimulated, structure calms the energy. it gives it a boundary. parameters. 2/21/2021: Feel my feelings. There’s power in…More